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Fatal accidents do more than end a life - they also cause serious emotional and financial damages for the victim's surviving family members. When a person loses their life in an accident because of someone else's negligence, the victim's family deserves to be fairly compensated for their losses. You are probably thinking, "Nothing can possibly compensate for my loved one's death." You're right, and we understand how you feel. We can, however, help you hold the irresponsible person accountable and potentially prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

At Chavez Law Firm, our lawyers want nothing more than to help you get justice for such a tragedy. "Accidents" only happen when people do not follow the safety rules that protect the community. It is necessary to proceed with a trial when these violators don't accept liability for their negligence. Our legal team does everything they can to hold violators responsible for the harm that they have caused. The Chavez Law Firm may be ablw to help you.

Damages Caused by Wrongful Death

Fatal accidents can have extensive ramifications for the victim's family and dependents. Emotional damages go without saying. Grief and suffering after the loss of a loved one may not have a set financial value, but a skilled lawyer can maximize the amount of compensation for such damages. Actual financial damages can include funeral and burial costs, as well as grief counseling. The liable party could also be held responsible for any medical bills and property damages that occurred before the victim passed away.

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The sooner you retain a lawyer to handle your case, the better. Only an attorney will have what it takes to recover the highest amount of damages. Chavez Law Firm has 20 years of collective legal experience and knows how to handle cases, prepare for trial, and negotiate with reluctant insurance companies. We want nothing more than to further the safety of the El Paso community by holding irresponsible people accountable for serious accidents. Contact us right away to learn more!